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Fishing report

Tenkiller Fishing

The fishing is good on Lake Tenkiller. So good that Field and Stream ranked Tenkiller and Illinois River as the 16th best fishing in the U.S..

Fishermen enjoy the largemouth and small-mouth bass, channel and flathead catfish, walleye, and various sunfishes. There are more than 70 species of fish, with a few seasonal varieties. There are few classes available for fly-fishing, lure tying, and guided fishing trips.

Listed below are a few sites containing fishing reports for all you Lake Tenkiller fishermen!

Fishing Report #1

Fishing Report #2

Fishing works

Hunting and Fishing Licenses

If you know of any good Fishing Report links for Lake Tenkiller or have your own report, Please comment below so we can list them

Here are the daily and size limits for fishing on the lake

Large mouth bass

Black Bass (Large mouth, Small mouth,& Spotted Bass)

Large mouth and/or Small mouth bass- six combined per day /13-16-inch proteched slot limit. No dalily or size limit for Spotted Bass.


Catfish- The daily limit for channel and blue catfish is 15. The daily limit for flathead catfish is 10. There is no size limits for channel catfish. The size limits for blue catfish is 1 over 30″ and the size limits for flathead catfish is 20″ minimum.


Crappie-The daily limit for crappie is 37(combined white and/or black crappie)

Stripper bass

Stripper bass-The daily limit for striped bass is 15 their size limit is that only 5 may be 20″ or longer. Neither white bass or stripped bass hybrids have any size or daily limits.


Trout-the daily limit is 6 and there is no size limits.

Any news about fishing tournaments will be listed below!


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