We're On Top Of Lake Tenkiller


Tenkiller Scuba Diving

Lake Tenkiller now has a Scuba Dive Park in Tenkiller State Park featuring underwater attractions, secure campsites and clean facilities – call918-489-5641 for more information.

People all across America rave about the clear waters that Lake Tenkiller processes . With terrain down to 165 feet deep containing man making Tenkiller one of the deepest lakes in the area.

The lake offers the perfect environment with interesting rock formations for every diver of any skill level to enjoy . There are a few dive shops to choose from to obtain a certification, lease or purchase equipment, or gain information about diving. Tenkiller offers a variety of amazing diving possibilities. There are many islands that are great dive sites for finding large overhangs so dramatic that look like caves or try spear fishing non gaming fish. There have been catfish speared as large as 65 pounds!!! Remember to get your Oklahoma fishing license first

Divers come to Tenkiller to enjoy the clear waters that provide a visibility of eight to thirty five feet. Water temperatures peak ti ninety degrees in the summer and thirty in the winter.

Check out the link below for a map of the dive park!!!
Tenkiller Dive Park Map from Nautical Adventures





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